A Very Old Bus.


The Bus Accident

One morning I was picking mushrooms for my Grandfather so I was last getting on the bus. The driver never stopped for us to get on but slowed to a crawl so that we could jump on.  The bus was an old crate and so the driver couldn’t stop for fear it wouldn’t start again, or that he would be late for the next pick-up anyway -At this time  the road had just been graded so there was a hump at the side of the road and  I was running onto the hump to make my leap onto the bus but lost my footing and fell underneath the bus.

The driver stopped but the dual wheels at the back had already ran over my legs, the thing that I member is that the bus had left tyre marks on my legs my legs hurt  and at the age of 6 years old I thought that if the tyre marks were removed the pain would go.

The bus driver put me into the bus and drove me into the village where my grandfather did first aid, then the local police sergeant drove me towards the hospital and met the ambulance halfway to town.

My next memory is in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. Most of what happened after the bus run over me was told to me much later.

I was in Sydney for 18 to 29 months  and after I was released from hospital I stayed with my aunt and uncle in St Peters; my aunt and I travelled to and from out-patients by taxi  the bills were paid by the Far West Scheme,

After I started recovering I went to Camdenville Public School Newtown NSW where the staff used to carry me up to my classroom in a fireman’s carry.

With all the trips to out-patients I missed lots of school and my education suffered very much but later in life I attended TAFE to improve my education

I had leg irons on both legs from the bottom of my feet to my hips, even so I was able to travel home for Christmas by train it was a interesting trip by today’s standards:- My aunt tied a label around my neck with delivery instructions, well the trip home went like this, I took a  train from St Peters to Central then from Central to Lithgow, then from Lithgow to Bathurst, then from Bathurst to Blayney, then from Blayney to Cowra, then from Cowra to Koorawatha, then from Koorawatha to Uppingham and was met by hose and sulky for the last leg home in time for Christmas, The trip back to Sydney worked in the reverse.

I did two trips like this but the second time I stayed Home, my leg irons were removed a few months later.    


Author: Sr Jessica Efo

I am a 68 year old female, retired. Our Church proclaims a miracle as just over two weeks ago my eyesight was restored as it was 26 years ago when I began to lose it due to the Adenoma mentioned on my WordPress. I get about in my Power Wheelchair and enjoy bush walking and photography. My blog site is managed by my husband - Br Andrew efo

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