A Gentle Zephyr

One trip we went on we camped at Lake Keepit near Tamworth N/S/W.
One night just after midnight, a not so gentle zephyr started to blow from the West.
I was fast asleep in my van when I was awoken by Kevin who was in a state of panic that the wind would blow his tent down.
Kevin was running around saying, “The wind is going to blow my tent down.
Look, at that tent over there. It just blew down.”
This went on all night keeping every one awake.
The next morning, after the storm, although his was the only tent still standing, he was not happy.

Jessica Blair.


Author: Sr Jessica Efo

I am a 68 year old female, retired. Our Church proclaims a miracle as just over two weeks ago my eyesight was restored as it was 26 years ago when I began to lose it due to the Adenoma mentioned on my WordPress. I get about in my Power Wheelchair and enjoy bush walking and photography. My blog site is managed by my husband - Br Andrew efo

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