Art Classes

jessica on Maroubra Beach by Jessica Blair
Jessica on Maroubra Beach by Jessica Blair

Towards the end of 2014 Andrew and I finally joined the Coast Centre for Seniors at Pine Avenue Little BaY where we both enrolled for Acrylic Classes. I had done some painting quite some years ago and it didn’t take me long to remember something of what I had learned and to begin again. We have a wonderfully vivacious teacher and are looking forward to next year’s lessons.

Here is one of my more ambitious works, a self portrait taken from a photograph shot by one of my carer’s from the Junction neighbourhood Centre Maroubra Junction.



Author: Sr Jessica Efo

I am a 68 year old female, retired. Our Church proclaims a miracle as just over two weeks ago my eyesight was restored as it was 26 years ago when I began to lose it due to the Adenoma mentioned on my WordPress. I get about in my Power Wheelchair and enjoy bush walking and photography. My blog site is managed by my husband - Br Andrew efo

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