Floral Art Group – Local Show

On one occasion there we all visited the local Show where we stopped in at the Floral Art Tent to view the displays as Philomena and or her group had an entry. If I can unscramble my dating system I believe that this holiday took place between the 8th and the 17th July 2005 which would mean that while winter, the weather in Queensland wouldn’t have been too cold. If you notice in a previous gallery, we are wearing cardigans.

Community of the Way – chapel 2005

I think the photos are self- explanatory, they are photos of the images on the Chapel walls at the Gathering Place in the Community of the Way in Redcliffe and also the lay out of the chapel including a stitch of the altar and Sanctuary.

Andrew and I visited the Community two years in a row before difficulties in our own small community made it ‘Politically incorrect’ to repeat the wonderful holidays.

I am posting this by email and making my way gradually through the years of photos that were on my web domain before we had to let that go due to the lack of money required to manage it.

I have a few more photos taken in Queensland and shall decide just how many are of value to me to replace in the web environment.

The previous year Andrew had served as Fr Anthony’s Deacon during Mass, this year Andrew was in disgrace and the Bishop Ordered Anthony not to allow him to serve – and they wonder why I have problems with the church.

With Glass 2004

These photos were just some of many taken while on holiday at Redcliffe in Brisbane, Queensland where we were Visiting the ‘Gathering Place’, a small independent Christian Community, then belonging to the Ecumenical catholic Church of Australia.

Fr Anthony and his wife Philomena were our hosts for the week. Rainy days and funny moods have us doing the ridiculous.


Wakefulness – Karen Lee Kleis

The wind hurries a ragged
leaf across the lawn as rain begins
to fall. Outside, in your stairwell,
the small shriveled corpse of a frog lies
exposed. You lean
toward the window and feel some

And what if those
words, like unwanted guests, come creeping
into the room at night.
Love hunched in your chair, fear
propped on one shoulder against
your door frame. So what?

In the dark you still
turn to another and say, “I don’t know”.
As if to utter
a spell that might open
your clenched hands.


Source: Wakefulness – Karen Lee Kleis

Preaching Things That Don’t Mean a Thing to Me — Words on Empty Ears

I’m feeling a bit out of place.
So I put these beats on high.
Forgetting all of my sorrows.
Having no choice but doing life solo.
So I’m going to borrow a piece of your positive vibes.
What’s the point of having too much pride?
When it hinders your thoughts.
Misusing, misunderstanding those around you.
Lets all take a step back,
and continue on to round two.
Things don’t always fall through.
But we all choose to carry on.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2016


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