Wakefulness – Karen Lee Kleis

The wind hurries a ragged
leaf across the lawn as rain begins
to fall. Outside, in your stairwell,
the small shriveled corpse of a frog lies
exposed. You lean
toward the window and feel some

And what if those
words, like unwanted guests, come creeping
into the room at night.
Love hunched in your chair, fear
propped on one shoulder against
your door frame. So what?

In the dark you still
turn to another and say, “I don’t know”.
As if to utter
a spell that might open
your clenched hands.


Source: Wakefulness – Karen Lee Kleis

Author: Andrew Blair

Living in Maroubra Australia. Carer for my wife Jessica. Simple web designer and Administrator; photographer, artist and theologian. In 2016 I had been Ordained to the Priesthood by a Celtic Catholic Bishop, I had the mistaken idea that the church might be changed from within. That was not to be. We attend the Uniting Church in Maroubra Junction where we are very happy. My greatest desire is to serve God in the capacity of an Interfaith dialoguer since this sees to be my calling since 1997.

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