Community of the Way – chapel 2005

I think the photos are self- explanatory, they are photos of the images on the Chapel walls at the Gathering Place in the Community of the Way in Redcliffe and also the lay out of the chapel including a stitch of the altar and Sanctuary.

Andrew and I visited the Community two years in a row before difficulties in our own small community made it ‘Politically incorrect’ to repeat the wonderful holidays.

I am posting this by email and making my way gradually through the years of photos that were on my web domain before we had to let that go due to the lack of money required to manage it.

I have a few more photos taken in Queensland and shall decide just how many are of value to me to replace in the web environment.

The previous year Andrew had served as Fr Anthony’s Deacon during Mass, this year Andrew was in disgrace and the Bishop Ordered Anthony not to allow him to serve – and they wonder why I have problems with the church.


Author: Sr Jessica Efo

I am a 68 year old female, retired. Our Church proclaims a miracle as just over two weeks ago my eyesight was restored as it was 26 years ago when I began to lose it due to the Adenoma mentioned on my WordPress. I get about in my Power Wheelchair and enjoy bush walking and photography. My blog site is managed by my husband - Br Andrew efo

2 thoughts on “Community of the Way – chapel 2005”

  1. Looks like a lovely little chapel.

    Though a true church is about whether it’s living in the mission of gods spirit or not 🙂


    1. At that time that little community was living the Spirit of the Word, since then Fr Anthony has died and I am not sure whether the Community continues.
      It was a pretty little chapel at the bottom of the garden.


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