Sweet Speech ..


Advantageous for all are the 4 kinds of Right Speech!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
How, Cunda, is purity of verbal action fourfold?
Herein, one avoids lying, abstains from false. He speaks the truth, is devoted to
the truth, reliable, trustable, never deceiving anyone. Being at a meeting, among
family, in society, or in the court called upon and asked as witness to tell what he
knows, he answers, if he knows nothing: I know nothing; and if he knows, he answers:
I know! If he has seen nothing, he answers: I have seen nothing and if he has seen
something, he answers: I have seen this and that. Thus he never deliberately speaks
a lie, neither for his own advantage, nor for the advantage of others, nor for the
sake of any trivial gain whatsoever.
He avoids divisive speech, spreading rumours, tale bearing, and gossip. What he has
heard here, he does not repeat there, wishing to cause dissension there by splitting
those united. What he has heard there, he does not tell here, so to cause conflict by
splitting friends here.. Rather he unites those who are divided; and those who are
united he encourages. Harmony, peace, agreement and concord gladdens him.
He delights and rejoices in Harmony. He spreads and grows Harmony!
He avoids harsh and aggressive language, he abstains from all scolding.
He speaks such words that are gentle, soothing to the ear, pleasing,
heart-touching, polite, dear, considerate, interesting and agreeable..
He avoids vain talk, empty and small talk, void speech and idle prattle!
He abstains from all babble, chitchat, tittle-tattle and evil hearsay.
He speaks at the right time, in accordance with facts, speaks what
is useful, speaks about the Dhamma and the Discipline; his speech is
like a precious treasure, well timed, always reasoned by arguments,
moderated, well formulated and full of sound reason, and common sense.
In this -for all- very good way, is purity of verbal action fourfold!

Source (edited extract):
Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 10:176

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Truth always Triumphs! from Bhikkhu Samahita on Vimeo.

Sweet Speech ..

Have a nice and Noble day.

Friendship is the Greatest!
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May all beings become thus Happy!
Friendship is the GREATEST!

Have a Nice Noble Day!

Bhikkhu Samahita


Author: Br Francis-Clare

Living in Maroubra Australia, Pastor,intrigued with the Concepts of other times, Carer for my wife Jessica. Simple web designer and Administrator; photographer, artist and theologian. Additionally Since the age of 17 I live with uncontrollable Epilepsy and Bipolar Affective Disorder with some Psychotic episodes, for the past 4 years, at least I have been bipolar depressed with no real excitement, periodic bouts of paranoia and other yuck.

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