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“As one who took the longest time to submit to admitting that I must wear these ‘things’ on a semi permanent basis – at least – I am sure some of my followers will appreciate the three blog posts connected here and please read the comments – Jessica”

As a woman, it should be easy you would think, when it comes to getting used to using incontinence pads, after all, they are exactly like the pads we use when menstruating. For me, there is one hug…

Source: Getting it right for all | Two Rooms Plus Utilities


Author: Br Francis-Clare

Living in Maroubra Australia, Pastor,intrigued with the Concepts of other times, Carer for my wife Jessica. Simple web designer and Administrator; photographer, artist and theologian. Additionally Since the age of 17 I live with uncontrollable Epilepsy and Bipolar Affective Disorder with some Psychotic episodes, for the past 4 years, at least I have been bipolar depressed with no real excitement, periodic bouts of paranoia and other yuck.

8 thoughts on “Getting it right for all | Two Rooms Plus Utilities”

    1. Hi I am Jessica’s husband I placed your article on her site since she appreciates your predicament with those ‘things’ the most. We finally managed to find the right ones for her and have a supplement from the Australian Government to go towards paying for them and our Pharmacy gives us one in five packets free. When she travels she usually has a catheter placed for the duration


      1. The more people that I hear from, the bigger this problem seems to grow. I honestly thought it was just me, that my lack of use during my younger years, had set me up for a fall, but that appears to be irrelevant. Maybe those who make them, need to listen to us more, as clearly, despite modern technology they are still getting them wildly wrong. Can it really be that hard to look at the range of body shapes as well as absorbencies? Or maybe as always, I’m looking at this issue in ways that the makers for some reason never consider. Step one, throw out all previous designs and start again!


      2. I think all the makers are male. I don’t know the difference between Britain and here since we have male and female incontinence products which are designed to catch leakage in different places so are padded differently. Like we used to fold nappies differently for boys than girls. They come here in circles or dots from 1 – 5 being little to most absorbent and as you have discovered there are slims as well as the thick ones. Jessica uses the thicker ones in winter because they help to keep her warm.

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  1. I had to borrow some the other day when I was having a couple of bad days with my bowels, they were the wrong gender but I managed to make them fit – but I do see what you mean about the glue and the precision fit.


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