Affirmations for the Resistance #5

Politics, The Resistance I’m an American; my country is built by every race from every nation in the World
As of 2015, 14% of the United States’ population is foreign born, compared to just 5% in 1965. Nearly 39 million immigrants have come to the US since 1965, with most coming from Asia and Latin America. World Population Review

Source:Affirmations for the Resistance


Author: Andrew Blair

Living in Maroubra Australia. Carer for my wife Jessica. Simple web designer and Administrator; photographer, artist and theologian. (Ordained by a Celtic bishop), we now attend the Uniting Church Additionally Since the age of 17 I live with uncontrollable Epilepsy and Bipolar Affective Disorder with some Psychotic episodes, for the past 4 years, at least I have been bipolar depressed with no real excitement, periodic bouts of paranoia and other yuck.

14 thoughts on “Affirmations for the Resistance #5”

      1. Yes. as you are gifting us, there is nowhere here that really honours the Art History or the eras live through. There are a few in the local council area celebrating Aboriginality and the history of events such as the first flight of Charles Kingsford Smith or Ted Noffs organisation for the homeless

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      1. Jessica’s Heart is not quite ticking properly, she is depressed and talking of scattering her ashes in the Mountains, water catchment so that her siblings can drink her. Actually she would like to be scattere dnear the place where her Abnoriginal Roots are – her Tribe.

        I am depressed too

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      2. I’m sorry to hear it. Depression seems to be going around; I’ve been losing time. What is the problem with Jessica’s heart. I’ve never considered drinking someone. There must be a reference to it in someone’s mythology.

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      3. Jessica had a heart attack late September and heart surgery 6th October – a triple bypass. It is still making little complaints, they suggest a stent as well but she won’t agree to that.
        Re “drinking someone”
        I know, this is something she has been saying for the past 19 years because her family only contacted her when they were broke. However she seems to have outlived almost all of them.

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      4. Losing time, whose gone walk about now and I hope they were not too young else you might be up for heart failure – Seriously I am concerned to hear this since it usually means that some other you is stealing time.

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