The Wonderful World of Crochet



I first started crocheting in 2013. My then boyfriend bought me a ‘knit your own’ Shaun the Sheep kit, which was very exciting despite the fact I’d never knitted in my life! I bou…[ ]

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Ishmael’s Children and Descendants


The story of Ishmael is the next to come to a close, in the middle of Genesis 25. But before he passes away at the ripe old age of 137, the bible tells us a bit more about his children. Ishmael’s family, like Abraham’s children with Keturah, don’t factor into the biblical story directly. Instead,…

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Nuclear Medicine-a walk in the Park

The Main Feature

My day in the MRA bomb, bomb, well I was one after Andrew and I left there for a walk in Centennial Park and Fox Studios while the isotope highlighted my brackey bones. Andrew was with me and as usual I was nervous and made a fuss and whined about the lack of wheelchair transport after certain hours in the afternoon.After the isotope was in place we were sent away for 4 hours for it to wriggle about before the main feature – the MRIMRI-Diagnostics Usually I go in head first – when they check my brain tumour but on this occasion it was feet first for a bone scan of my legs.[/caption]

We made our way to the Park via Avoca street passed Emanuel, the Jewish College. 

A  truly beautiful building with a Castle like appearance, it sits up there on the hill and can be seen from a distance. It took us a liitle while to discover both its location and function. We found it accidentally when we exited the Park via a different gate and came right upon it. As you will discover if you follow the link above, it has quite a history.

We visited the Bike Cafe for morning tea, then to walk around Fox Studios and then a bus back to Randwick proper – where I bemoaned the absence of cafes which had wheelchair access – or room inside if one could negotiate the doors. [Alas, we had returned too early because I missread the second hand of my clock for the hour hand and suggested we ought make our way back to Randwick Junction.]

I attempted to tell Andrew the reason I prefered not to sit on tables outside, this time I used the excuse of the Diner murders where perpretators had sprinked Cyanide over diners meals, killing them, murder. There are other reasons like when I was a small child and aboriginal people where forbidden to sit inside. I referred to it as sitting outside with the dogs. And when they brought the colour charts around the classrooms to measure the whiteness of our skin – they would take you away and award you to someone’s home because they thought they could make us white that way.

Home and away

We had a Castle near our place!!!


Iandra is a large heritage-listed homestead 11 kilometres south of Greenethorpe, New South Wales in the Weddin Shire, surrounded by the townships of Young, Grenfell and Cowra. The property was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 18 February 2005.

I was sort of lucky depending on what you call lucky, my parents were, well just plain nasty and a stay away at one of the neighbours farms was a relief from the constant persecution I endured at home. I am different, as you must know. My father called me “IT” and I was blamed for everything that happened.

Once my younger sister insisted she would sit by the door in our old car – it had suicide doors and they were a bit wonky, well she fell out, didn’t she, and landed on the road. Lucky for her dad was going fairly slow…so.. of course it was my fault.

Anyway, from time to time my father used to go on a bender, spend all the money and that left me as the only one competent to go shoot rabbits for food,  for our rather large family. At least I had a room to myself, I slept out on the veranda with the dogs and on a cotton bale for my bed and suger bag for my  bed covers.

Sometimes if they thought I was really bad they would lock me in the Root cellar.I managed to prise some of the bricks away from the wall and dug myself a tunnel so that while I was supposedly in the cellar I would get out and play all kinds of pranks on the family – and get back in the cellar and they used to wonder who was doing all those annoying things when “IT” was locked in the root cellar.

My mother’s mother had been sent away to a Boss Cocky to be turned into a white woman and while she was away she was turned into pregnant, she returned to what they call the boongs camp and had my mother who was half white.

Mum married my dad who was a Scottish man from Abroath, him and his family all came out together and my grandfather was the local vet and what passed for a surgeon since we were over 200 miles from the nearest help.

So as it was in those day I was a coloured kid but defined by a caste system, I had a white father,grandfather and grandmother on dad’s side of the family; and a half cast mother with two full blooded and one white grandparent on her side. “IT’ was a mongrel, I was an Octoroon, I think.

At least when the Nazis with the colour charts came our way I could go down and spend time with the mob down by the dam -male or female I was accepted there and I spoke Language as well. I also spoke Scottish or whatever it was with my grandfather and no one used to know what we said.

Sometimes I thought a good bang would have gone a long way to solving my troubles.

Usually I go in head first – when they check my brain tumour but on this occasion it was feet first for a bone scan of my legs.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a scanning procedure that uses strong magnets and radiofrequency pulses to generate signals from the body. These signals are detected by a radio antenna and processed by a computer to create images (or pictures) of the inside of your body.

Image of Iandrafrom Iandra Castle – Iandra Station & Mt Oriel Homestead. 2018. Iandra Castle – Iandra Station & Mt Oriel Homestead. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 09 December 2018]