Lord Howe Island


Lord Howe Island (/ha/; formerly Lord Howe’s Island) is a volcanic remnant in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand that is part of the Australian state of New South Wales. It’s 600 kilometres (320 Nautical miles) east of mainland Port Macquarie, 780 kilometres (420 Nautical miles) north-east of Sydney, and 900 kilometres (490 Nautical  miles) south-west of Norfolk Island. It is around 10 km (6.2 mi) long and between 0.3 and 2.0 km (0.19 and 1.24 mi) wide, with a total area of 14.55 km2 (3,600 acres), however only 3.98 km2 (980 acres) of that is developed. 

A sandy semi-enclosed protected coral reef lagoon runs along the west shore. The majority of the population resides in this area.Lord Howe Island – Wikipedia

Mount Lidgbird and Mount Gower viewed from Mount Eliza
By Fanny Schertzer – Own work, CC BY 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3176186

1 Bioregion

Lord Howe Island is part of the IBRA region Pacific Subtropical Islands (code PSI) and is subregion PSI01 with an area of 1,909 ha (4,720 acres).[20] In the WWF ecoregion system, Lord Howe Island constitutes the entirety of the ‘Lord Howe Island subtropical forests’ ecoregion (WWF ID#AA0109). This ecoregion is in the Australasian realm, and the tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests biome. The WWF ecoregion has an area of 14 km2. [21] [22] [23]

Lord Howe Island – Wikipedia

2 History

Picture a silhouette profile of Lieutenant Lidgbird Ball
Lt Henry Lidgbird Ball, Commander of HMS Supply

2.11788–1834: First European visits

1788–1834: First European visits-Lord Howe Island was presumably deserted and unknown to Polynesian peoples in the South Pacific prior to European discovery and occupation. Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball, commander of the Armed Tender HMS Supply (the oldest and smallest of the First Fleet ships), saw Lord Howe Island for the first time on February 17, 1788, while on his way from Botany Bay with a cargo of nine male and six female convicts to establish a penal settlement on Norfolk Island. Lord Howe Island – Wikipedia

2.21834–1841: Settlement

2.31842–1860: Trading provisions

2.41861–1890: Scientific expeditions


2.621st century

The Royal Navy destroyer HMS Nottingham nearly sank after colliding with Wolf Rock, a barrier on Lord Howe Island, in 2002.   Tourism has grown in recent years, and the New South Wales government has become more concerned with environmental issues.
M/V Island Trader, a supply ship carrying 20 tonnes of petroleum, ran aground in the lagoon on October 17, 2011. At high tide, the ship refloated with no loss of crew or cargo.

The Shallows, a 2016 film starring Blake Lively, was shot in major part on the island.
During the COVID-19 epidemic in New South Wales, on March 22, 2020, a public health order was issued declaring Lord Howe Island a public risk area and restricting entry.Lord Howe Island – Wikipedia


4Governance and land tenure


5.1Kentia palm industry





In the south-west Pacific Ocean, Lord Howe Island is a crescent-shaped volcanic remnant. The island is located 600 kilometres (370 miles) east of mainland Port Macquarie, 702 kilometres (436 miles) north-east of Sydney, and 772 kilometres (480 miles) north-east of Norfolk Island. It is located in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand. [96] With a surface area of 14.55 km2, the island is around 10 km (6.2 mi) long and 0.3 to 2.0 km (0.19 to 1.24 mi) broad (5.62 sq mi). The most accessible of the island’s 11 beaches is a semi-enclosed, sheltered coral reef lagoon with white sand on the west shore.Lord Howe Island – Wikipedia

6.1Geological origins

Lord Howe Island is the extensively eroded remains of a 7-million-year-old shield volcano, the result of 500,000-year-long eruptions.   It’s part of the Lord Howe Rise, a 3,000-kilometer-long and 300-kilometer-wide oceanic shelf that stretches from New Zealand to the west of New Caledonia and is made up of continental rocks that broke from the Australian plate 60 to 80 million years ago to produce a new crust in the deep Tasman Basin. The shelf is part of Zealandia, a microcontinent almost half the size of Australia that broke away from the Gondwanan supercontinent and gradually submerged. Lord Howe Island – Wikipedia

6.2Basalts and calcarenite


7Flora and fauna

Lord Howe Island is a distinct terrestrial ecoregion known as the Lord Howe Island subtropical forests. It belongs to the Australasian continent and shares numerous biotic similarities with Australia, New Guinea, and New Caledonia.  Lord Howe Island is rather young in geological terms, being just 7 million years old. Its flora and fauna colonised the island from across the sea, carried by wind, water, or birds, probably aided at a geological time when adjacent islands were exposed, facilitating island hopping.  It is, nevertheless, far enough away and has had enough time to evolve endemic species..Lord Howe Island – Wikipedia

7.1.1Communities and special plants

Little mountain palm (Lepidorrhachis mooreana) on the summit of Mount Gower Images of native flora Lord Howe Island – Wikipedia


View of a replica of the extinct horned turtle in the centre of the museum
Skeleton of an extinct horned turtle (Meiolania platyceps) displayed in the Maritime Museum


Lord Howe silvereye (Zosterops lateralis tephropleurus)

List of endemic birds

Lord Howe silvereye(Zosterops lateralis tephropleurus)

10See also

14External links

A Thousand Wonders
Ned’s Beach – Lord Howe Island. Photo by Natalie Tapson

In 1981, the Lord Howe Island Act established a Permanent Park Preserve over around 70% of the island, followed in 1982 by UNESCO’s recognition of its beauty and biodiversity, and the declaration of a Marine Park in 1998 to protect the surrounding marine environment. Its World Heritage Listing includes the main island, as well as offshore islets covering around 1,455 hectares of land and 145,000 hectares of marine environment. Today, around 75% of the island remains pristine wilderness, including beaches, coral reefs, and marine ecosystems.

Lord Howe Island – Island in Australia – Thousand Wonders

Gallery – via Bing Lord Howe Island – Bing images

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