Old Values New Ways
Old Values New Ways

Welcome: My name is Jessica Elizabeth Blair- this is my husband- Andrew James Blair -Let those who are different make a difference!

    • Born May 1949 in Grenfell NSW -Home was on a farm at the Uppingham rail siding.

    • The 3rd of 8 children

    • Attended Primary School in Greenthorpe.

    • High school in Young.

    • I lived on a farm until 1960 when we moved into Greenthorpe.

    • I Went to Sydney in 1965, after TAFE and University training, to commence work in the Electronic Control Industry.

    •  I had several jobs. Retiring in 1991.

    • I Looked after my father until he died.

After my father’s death

      • I Came to live in Darlinghurst in 1998, the same year in which I met my husband Andrew.

      • Andrew and I became engaged in 1999 and made our commitment to each other, on September 21st at the Way Side Chapel in Potts Point.

      • After  being very sure of our future together we were married, on 31st May 2003, in the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Australia, during a Nuptial Mass.

      • I ordered one of the deluxe versions of the Marriage Certificate, it hangs on our wall.

      • In 2008 we moved to South Maroubra

Health Issues

    • As you will have noticed, from the Index, this site features my various Medical Conditions.

    • I began to experience what we called Grand Mal seizures in 1954, these persist and have never been Controlled.

    • They are perhaps my second most life threatening disability.

    • Somewhere in the 1970’s a mass was suspected in the base of my brain, but which was undetectable until the advent of the MRI machine.

    • Subsequently this was shown to be a Prolactinoma on the posterior pituitary Gland.

    • In the meantime I had begun to loses my eyesight, due to the mass.

    • This was seated right beneath the Optic Chiasm where the Optic nerves cross over.

    • The Chiasm became squashed – resulting in gradual loss of sight.

    • In 1997 I developed type 2 diabetes which is now Insulin Controlled with use of tablets.

    • With the Epilepsy this is the second life threatening illness.

    •  Since low blood sugar may result in seizures even for those without epilepsy.

    • In 1998 I could still get around without a Mobility  aid.

    • I am now classified as being Legally Blind,I have some small vision in my left eye. My right eye does not work at all.

    • Until 2008 I used a roller ball tipped cane for mobility.

    • In 2008 a radical change took place when I had to begin using a motorised wheelchair due to a fall I had.

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