The Dream time

One of many Platypus

The Dream time; the period of creation before time, as the white man knows it, is known to the us as the Dreaming. where the fundamental nature of human life came to be understood.

Our people’s stories, told, but never written down, were the oral primers of our collected knowledge, spirituality, and wisdom, from when time began.

The Dreaming is our history from before time, our living anthology, our experience of the Ages, sent down the ages, life by life…a natural book, through human feeling, through human brains, human knowledge of what it is to be the Land.


In the Land, of the Land

Aboriginal people are of the Land and in the Land; we flow down in the running water from the mountains to the sea.

We breathe ourselves in and shine on ourselves, by day, and draw the tides at night with moonshine.

We fall from the sky in so many pear-shaped drops, soaking ourselves in the grass, sinking ourselves into our fine sand, becoming dark, wet, mysterious…

We blow ourselves, the wind, from desert to sea and in all of this, we are the book of life written in living bones from never until when.

(Br Andrew EFO 16th May 2006)

My Beliefs

The Platypus as re-told by Francis Firebrace

with mp3 file

My Spirituality is that of the Aboriginal People of whom, I am part thereof. I am not so expressive of my beliefs as Andrew, having been much hurt by so called Christians.My totemic Spirit is the Platypus, so my maternal Grandfather & Uncles revealed to me when I was growing up as a boy child.I have not been fully schooled in the art of dreaming, here is a website with good information about the Australian Dream time.My relationship in the Dreaming did not changed when  I became woman.For the “Platypus represents the embodiment of Women’s Sacred Wisdom – to trust blindingly in one’s inner direction and to move as one with the creative ebbs and flows of Mother Earth.”( Quote Interpretations of the Dreaming by Scott Alexander King)I believe in Angels, too, in fact mine is an free faith, not limited by any tradition; for I embrace and use the good of all Faiths.I am happy to join Andrew in his Church, happy for him that he has become a follower of St. Francis of Assisi in the Ecumenical Franciscan Order.When I pray I don’t need to go to Church.  I can pray just as well on Pitt Street or in our bedroom as in a special building like a Synagogue or Mosque. My Dreaming cannot be held by bricks and mortar!Platypus Dreaming

Image Source

“Daroo the Duck lived with other ducks in a secluded pond and all were in fear of the Mulloka, or Water Devil, which lurked in deeper waters. Thus, they never strayed far from their pond. One day, however, Daroo decided to disobey the elders’ advice and ventured out downstream. She stumbled across the territory of the “Water Devil”, Bilargun the Water Rat. He threatened duck with his spear when she tried to flee, and dragged her underground into his burrow. He forced her to mate with him, and she remained his captive for weeks before escaping.
When it came to hatching season, all the other ducks emerged from the reeds to parade their newborn ducklings. On the other hand, Daroo was ashamed to lead out two extraordinary offspring. They had fur instead of feathers, a bill and webbed feet, and a spike on each hind leg, reminiscent of the Water Rat’s spear. Daroo was ashamed and taunted, so she left the pond with her offspring, the first of the platypuses.”


On the light-hearted side we have lots and lots of Platypus toys and pictures, made out of all kinds of things , such as ceramics, wood, there are silver and gold plated ones, pewter ones and even furry ones which look so real.

I keep them beside our bed to catch me when I fall out of bed in a seizure.

During the day I wear a pewter Platypus on a chain around my neck with Platypus earrings. Andrew bought these for me from The Rock’s markets; the larger one was on a key Ring which I removed to make my necklace.

As of 2006

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