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They certainly are much more than pesky!

A Photo A Week Challenge – Pesky Locusts — Blog of Hammad Rais

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Jorge Franganillo Palácio de Seteais CC BY 3.0
File:Palácio de Seteais – panoramio (cropped).jpg
Created: 20 November 2009
Location: 38° 47′ 46.25″ N, 9° 23′ 56.07″ W

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I spent 7 hours in the Short Stay ward last evening,night. Usual complaint which took all that time to treat.

I was so weak and tired but determined to have my two hours Respite. You know ,a break from home….. you can see who muscled in.

I was more tired than I thought and spent my day in bed.

I had lost else had my wallet stolen last week and can’t prove who I am. Funny hey. Going to have a go at regaining my I. D. Card tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Respite and Recreation with the JNC

Watsons Bay Boat Ramp

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