A Photo A Week Challenge – Pesky Locusts — Blog of Hammad Rais

They certainly are much more than pesky!

A Photo A Week Challenge – Pesky Locusts — Blog of Hammad Rais

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Jorge Franganillo Palácio de Seteais CC BY 3.0
File:Palácio de Seteais – panoramio (cropped).jpg
Created: 20 November 2009
Location: 38° 47′ 46.25″ N, 9° 23′ 56.07″ W

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Respite and Recreation with the JNC

Watsons Bay Boat Ramp

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Before and after the drought

December 2019 that sand used to be water – Sydney skyline
During the drought it was almost possible to walk over to the Rookeries. – not now

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abiqua falls oregon

Abiqua alls Oregon

Just below Goober Creek near Santiam State Forest, the stream plunges 101 feet (31 m) over Abiqua Falls. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) places the falls at coordinates 44.9265111°N 122.5667521°W at an elevation of 1,358 feet (414 m) above sea level.[4][7][8] Downstream of the falls,…[…]