Help to GoFund new Jaguar-Related Research – Art by Rob Goldstein

Please help Josh Gross fund his Master’s Research in Guyana — More about his GoFundMe Campaign on his blog.

Josh Gross | The Jaguar

Jaguar Looking at Camera by Eric Kilby. CC BY-SA 2.0

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Silk Spider Spun – BayArt – New Perspective on Life

Silk Spider Spun

Finding simplicity and mindfulness in our modern lives. Join the community of freethinking individuals centered around exploring all aspects of life.


Speak poetic serenades
Swooning heart forever
Seated neighbor, strangers
Overnight flight endeavor

Daydream fantasies
Premonition at best
Ask your questions
Nothing to protest

Please put that guitar down [  ]

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In Twenty Seventeen | Frank Solanki

Frank Solanki
Frank Solanki

In Twenty Seventeen

Li river in China, Navagio bay in the heart of Greece

Tulip fields in Netherlands and universal peace

Trump as U.S. President, Superbowl and Wimbledon

Pyramids in Egypt and first solar eclipse since ’91

Las Vegas, Paris, Venice in Italy

Would you like to stay home or give me some company?

Gonna see everything that I have never seen

In twenty seventeen….






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Embrace the adventure – Part 1 – The Biotrotter

Embrace the adventure – Part 1

When you are going somewhere, but you don’t know what is going to happen, you don’t know the difficulties you will encounter and you don’t know if you will experience joy, exhaustion or fear – that is when you have an adventure ahead of you. I feel alive whenever I am about to go on an adventure – probably because I know that I will most certainly experience one of those things if not all of them. [ ]


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Why I home school… | toni1964blog

Why I home school…



I never wanted to home school. I was a powerhouse contractor with a business to run and I have six kids, and was taking care of my beloved Mom.  Home school?  Fifteen years ago I would laughed my head off and probably did, and guess what happened?  Yep. Home schooled my four left at home.  Why?

My hubs and I are products of public school but neither of us have a college education, although I am almost there!!  All of the children were in public school, and it was fine with a few little speed bumps a long the way, but nothing Too Bad, except for #1, and that was His Fault, not the school’s.

We moved one county away in 2002. We lived in a nice neighborhood, nice home, blah blah blah….county lines were changed and we were ‘slotted’ to a ‘town elementary school’. Still, no worries. The hubs and I went to look at the school, meet the principal, show the kids around, thinking it would be fine.  Upon our arrival, the school looked like any other school, perhaps not shiny and new, but fine. We met the principal and he took us on a tour, and showed us a Padded Room.  Seriously.  A Padded Room. My hubs and I looked at each other, neither of us understanding. Then the principal told us this is where the Bad Kids Go.  I couldn’t quite understand why he was telling us about kids having Detention in this Room. My kids did not go to detention; maybe a few times for something silly they had done, but they weren’t criminals or druggies or anything. They were little kids in elementary school for crying out loud. He then proceeded to tell us that there were Fights, Gangs, Drugs, Knives and Bad Behavior Constantly in this school.  How odd for a principal to say these things..[  ]

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Here are a selection of photos Andrew and I took on our recent P&O cruise up and down the NSW Coast. We sailed on the Pacific Pearl. I contracted the novo virus and was confined to our stateroom for most of the cruise. Most photod were taken on the first two days and very few on Sunday morning. Many from the window as we looked out on the world. TV was good and room service fair.

Advertisements from long, long ago — Marriage Savers™ edition | bluebird of bitterness


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