Most of the photos in the gallery below were taken in 2003 by  Andrew, myself, or a day Carer back when Old Sydney Town was still open. There are a few taken there of us in the stocks and in the bullocky yard and of Andrew taking part in the street theatre. It was back when I was getting Respite hours from ER&R and on this particular day I think we had banked some hours so that we could take the trip and had got permission for Andrew to come too.

Many of these were  taken by Carers while on Respite hours, the remainder by Andrew and I on our days out.

There is one place I really would like to revisit and that is the Symbio Wildlife Park, I have checked and it is wheelchair accessible and so accommodates my current method of transport, though I doubt I shall never see the inside of the Ferris wheel at Olympic Park during the Easter Show again.

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