A Mother’s Day – Art by Rob Goldstein


Holly says she doesn’t care about Jeremy’s lifestyle but she doesn’t understand is why he’s proud of it. Jeremy is her favorite son: a tall blond man who looks old enough to be he…[ continued]

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Our Awful Friends | Nutsrok

Another wonderful story to caper through by a nutty rock – diamond, I believe.

‘Mother was a cruel beast of a woman who rarely allowed us out of our own yard.  I felt so deprived when free-range children passed our house in pursuit of adventure.  Sometimes we were able to temp…’

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday The Accumulator – index-very good

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 The accumulator…1. – Diary of an Internet Nobody.(somebody)

This is the first in another Stream of Consciousness series, this time on Jessica’s web, make backwards link is to be found in the menu at http://brandrewmuses.wordpress.com


Stream of consciousness Sunday, part two:

1. The accumulator…

Stretching a definition to the extreme this week, just because I have a couple of days off work, SoCS2 is again brought to you by Linda G Hill and the prompt;
” “accumulate.” Use it any way you’d like. “

Better late than never…

The Accumulator.

The old man lay in bed, his hollow eyes gazing at something only he could see, the crisp white sheet on his chest rising and falling with a regularity that was surprising, given his gaunt appearance. The only sign that there might be anything out of the ordinary going on in the silent, brightly lit hospital room was the pair of handcuffs, with which his right wrist was attached to the heavy metal bed frame.


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Hard Time Marrying Part 29 | Nutsrok

Early the next morning, Rufus rattled up in the wagon with the children just as Emma’s biscuits in the Dutch Oven browned.  Sally was ecstatic about her new sister, but Little Joe wanted a puppy.  “Well, if you are a good boy, maybe we can git you one of Fred Mason’s brown and white puppies, unless you decide you want another sister.” Joe teased.

” No, no.  I want a puppy.” Little Joe insisted.

Joe brought Anya a plate of gravy and biscuits and a glass of milk.  “Now you eat all of this. You got to feed that baby.” [continues]



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Two Roads Part 10 | Nutsrok

Here is where this all begins Two Roads part 1

Two Roads Part 10

The day after Christmas, Neeley miscarried and was shamed at her relief.  She already had five children and faced an uncertain future.  Mama Cassie came to help out for a few days bringing her youngest daughter, Cynthia.  At nine, Cynthia was about the age Neeley was when Ma died.  Seeing the child playing with her children was bittersweet, remembering Mama had long abandoned her by that point in her life.[ continues]

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