Lightly Child, Lightly — Live & Learn

“Thinking about daylight and artificial light I have to admit that daylight, the light on things, is so moving to me that I feel it almost as a spiritual quality. When the sun comes up in the morning – which I always find so marvelous, absolutely fantastic the way it comes back every morning – […]

Lightly Child, Lightly — Live & Learn

Diamonds or Thorns — Roth Poetry

Why do we write our poems // our stories Who will care // Who will read our work We write for ourselves remembering life as we want it to be gathering diamonds or thorns from life’s ashes knowing the story is never the story; but rather, a perspective of our past written and shaped to […]

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Quand je vais mourir — Inspirations pour réussir sa vie


Quand je vais mourir, ne venez pas sur ma tombe me dire à quel point vous m’aimiez et combien je vous manque. Ce sont des mots que je veux entendre alors que je suis encore en vie. La suite ici >>>

Quand je vais mourir — Inspirations pour réussir sa vie