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Rural Russia Festival. Rakitnoe of Belgorod Region, Russia. July 2014. 

Rural Russia Festival. Rakitnoe of Belgorod Region, Russia. July 2014. Twelve photos

Alex Markovich: writer, photographer, contemplator

Photos: Alex Markovich.

Camera: SONY DSC-R1.

July 2014.

























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Rural Russia Festival. Rakitnoe of Belgorod Region, Russia. July 2015.


An abstract from the interview of Alex Markovich for “Radio of Russia”. September 2015.

Elena Ovcharenko: In your “Travel to Russia” project you make an emphasis on trips to Rural Russia areas. Why such a preference?

Alex Markovich: Many a city resident likes an occasional change from an urban environment. Of course, when traveling to other countries, one is interested in architecture, the way people dress, traditional cuisine, etc. But for many, real relaxation and fulfillment can only be found in a timeless Russian village. I am not talking about Agritourism or Rural Tourism, I mean a real living, breathing village without any props.

Elena Ovcharenko: Do you really believe that a visitor from the United States who came to see Moscow or St. Petersburg will agree to travel with you to a Russian village?

Alex Markovich: Let me make it clear – I am talking in the context of my “Travel to Russia” project. I want people to go back home with a warm pictorial record. Travelling to a Russian village gives you so many unique impressions – like going to a real rural shop where a shop-assistance still uses an abacus (that type of photo will impress all your friends) or experiencing a Banya (Russian sauna). I can arrange a ride on a tractor, photo session with local farm workers milking cows or feeding geese. One may say all this stuff is available in their own country, but Russia has more associations with what is called a “real village”.

Source: Rural Russia Festival. Rakitnoe of Belgorod Region, Russia. July 2014. Twelve photos – Alex Markovich: writer, photographer, contemplator

Thick and Happy

Something different for this blog

Lazarus and Lithium

I peel the perfume sampler from the magazine.
it’s a name I’ve never heard of,
another Italian who-ever-the-fuck creating
scents to attract the opposite sex.
scents like “Midnight Princess” and
the girl on the cover looks like
some chick I went to college with-
all thick and happy looking.
I think her name was Lauren?
what was my name?
back then I used to paint
and I’d pass in my assignments with
hidden cocks etched into landscapes.
I’m sitting here on the bathroom floor
identifying women’s shoes as they
walk in and out.
Pseudo-Lauren smiles back at me
in her bright Chanel lipstick.
this is where I am.
Pseudo-Lauren gets a salty-teared
facial, dripping down her glossy dress.
this is where I am-
rubbing Italian sampler perfume
on my wrists
so I can pretend that I’m just
as valuable as the thick and happy model.

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