Sweet Chocolate

The Story of chocolate – special exhibit in the Botanical Gardens, Sydney


Lesson from a butterfly

This beautiful butterfly taught me a valuable lesson

This poem is about a kid, who tries to catch a butterfly, but gets a valuable lesson in return.

Today, I met a butterfly,
As she was, sucking nectar,
While I, tried to catch her,
Haunting her, being her specter.

On and on, she flew, tirelessly,
Her beautiful wings, continued to flutter,
Down my lawn, into the meadows,
I ran, but was, no match to her flitte…[..]

Source: Lesson from a butterfly

Flower of the Day – August 4, 2016 – Dahlia — Cee’s Photography

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This way we can all enjoy everyone’s flowers.

Qi (energy) hugs Cee

via Flower of the Day – August 4, 2016 – Dahlia — Cee’s Photography

Sorry to have missed you

Naked Ladies c/o The life Project

dear friends,

I don’t get up here – physically as often as I should and so have missed many of your wonderful comments, for that I apologise. Andrew does my blog and he has several others to keep track of.

Feed, Feed The Starving Mouth | Frank Solanki

Feed, Feed The Starving Mouth

Feed, feed the starving mouth

Let him prosper and reign

Hunger does no good except

Bring a lot of pain

Make his wishes come true

Give him all he needs

All that you will reap tomorrow

Are but, today’s seeds





Source: Feed, Feed The Starving Mouth | Frank Solanki