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Written by Jacob Ibrag

To the ones

who think they owe

anything to anyone, I promise

that you don’t. Not your heart. Not

your mind. Not your body. Not your soul.

There is but one, the single reflection

that stares when you look

into the mirror.

Photographer Unknown

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Red Blue Silver

Putting this up on the blog I try to keep going for Jessica – my wife – beautiful machine

Photographs by Timothy S. Allen


Mike Auvinen's 39 Chevy Photographed at the 22nd Annual Father Day's Show and Shine Car Show, Juliard Park, Santa Rosa, CA, U.S.A. - June 19, 2016 Mike Auvinen’s 39 Chevy Photographed at the 22nd Annual Father Day’s Show and Shine Car Show, Juliard Park, Santa Rosa, CA, U.S.A. – June 19, 2016

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Note To Self – Daily Reminders For The BrokenHearted | Blog by Debbie Kay, Founder of Hope For The Broken Hearted Ministries


Note to self…
God already knows the outcome of all I am dealing with. Things may be looming large, but my God is bigger than anything I face. The battle has already been won and the victory is mine. I will be at peace because He is in control.

Blog by Debbie Kay, Founder of Hope For The Broken Hearted Ministries

Source: Note To Self – Daily Reminders For The BrokenHearted | Blog by Debbie Kay, Founder of Hope For The Broken Hearted Ministries

Out on a Limb – The Lens and I

Branch: divide into one or more subdivisions …

Growing in the tree and out of it at the same time.

A split personality.

Revealing its true self only in death.

Source: Out on a Limb – The Lens and I

Sweet Speech ..


Advantageous for all are the 4 kinds of Right Speech!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
How, Cunda, is purity of verbal action fourfold?
Herein, one avoids lying, abstains from false. He speaks the truth, is devoted to
the truth, reliable, trustable, never deceiving anyone. Being at a meeting, among
family, in society, or in the court called upon and asked as witness to tell what he
knows, he answers, if he knows nothing: I know nothing; and if he knows, he answers:
I know! If he has seen nothing, he answers: I have seen nothing and if he has seen
something, he answers: I have seen this and that. Thus he never deliberately speaks
a lie, neither for his own advantage, nor for the advantage of others, nor for the
sake of any trivial gain whatsoever.
He avoids divisive speech, spreading rumours, tale bearing, and gossip. What he has
heard here, he does not repeat there, wishing to cause dissension there by splitting
those united. What he has heard there, he does not tell here, so to cause conflict by
splitting friends here.. Rather he unites those who are divided; and those who are
united he encourages. Harmony, peace, agreement and concord gladdens him.
He delights and rejoices in Harmony. He spreads and grows Harmony!
He avoids harsh and aggressive language, he abstains from all scolding.
He speaks such words that are gentle, soothing to the ear, pleasing,
heart-touching, polite, dear, considerate, interesting and agreeable..
He avoids vain talk, empty and small talk, void speech and idle prattle!
He abstains from all babble, chitchat, tittle-tattle and evil hearsay.
He speaks at the right time, in accordance with facts, speaks what
is useful, speaks about the Dhamma and the Discipline; his speech is
like a precious treasure, well timed, always reasoned by arguments,
moderated, well formulated and full of sound reason, and common sense.
In this -for all- very good way, is purity of verbal action fourfold!

Source (edited extract):
Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 10:176

More on Right Speech (Sammā Vācā):

and Animal-like Talk:

Truth always Triumphs! from Bhikkhu Samahita on Vimeo.

Sweet Speech ..

Have a nice and Noble day.

Friendship is the Greatest!
Bhikkhu Samāhita _/_ ]


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May all beings become thus Happy!
Friendship is the GREATEST!

Have a Nice Noble Day!

Bhikkhu Samahita

Floral Art Group – Local Show

On one occasion there we all visited the local Show where we stopped in at the Floral Art Tent to view the displays as Philomena and or her group had an entry. If I can unscramble my dating system I believe that this holiday took place between the 8th and the 17th July 2005 which would mean that while winter, the weather in Queensland wouldn’t have been too cold. If you notice in a previous gallery, we are wearing cardigans.

Community of the Way – chapel 2005

I think the photos are self- explanatory, they are photos of the images on the Chapel walls at the Gathering Place in the Community of the Way in Redcliffe and also the lay out of the chapel including a stitch of the altar and Sanctuary.

Andrew and I visited the Community two years in a row before difficulties in our own small community made it ‘Politically incorrect’ to repeat the wonderful holidays.

I am posting this by email and making my way gradually through the years of photos that were on my web domain before we had to let that go due to the lack of money required to manage it.

I have a few more photos taken in Queensland and shall decide just how many are of value to me to replace in the web environment.

The previous year Andrew had served as Fr Anthony’s Deacon during Mass, this year Andrew was in disgrace and the Bishop Ordered Anthony not to allow him to serve – and they wonder why I have problems with the church.

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