Peace, Peace, Peace | Frank Solanki


Peace, Peace, peace

I walked around with a gun in my hand

Looking for Peace

Please, please, please

Would someone show me Peace?

I met a boy and I asked him

If he had any Peace

He said, “I only have a little drum for a toy

I play it all the time

It helps the day pass away

But Peace? No, Sir. I haven’t heard of that toy

You might as well go ahead and ask some other boy”

I went ahead with a gun in my hand

Looking for Peace[ pacet et bene]

Source: Peace, Peace, Peace | Frank Solanki


killing it

putting my heart where my pen is
a piece of me in black and blue
emotions inside , waiting for release
splash of sentiments, of every hue
my pen has become my mouth piece

tongue tied, seen but never heard
withdrawn, shy, I am an introvert
buried in my books, I am called a nerd
frustration, negativity, I did convert
notes quivering like song of a bird

Source: killing it