Peace, Peace, Peace | Frank Solanki


Peace, Peace, peace

I walked around with a gun in my hand

Looking for Peace

Please, please, please

Would someone show me Peace?

I met a boy and I asked him

If he had any Peace

He said, “I only have a little drum for a toy

I play it all the time

It helps the day pass away

But Peace? No, Sir. I haven’t heard of that toy

You might as well go ahead and ask some other boy”

I went ahead with a gun in my hand

Looking for Peace[ pacet et bene]

Source: Peace, Peace, Peace | Frank Solanki

Born of the Spirit | The Life Project

Born of the Spirit

 Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’  The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

John 3:6-8

Something to think about.  Beyond that, what can I say?

Source: Born of the Spirit | The Life Project

BIRDS VIEW OF KASHI – Enchanted Forests

Bathing in the midst of Flowers


The Brijrama  Palace is one of the finest buildings along the banks of the Holy River Ganges at Kashi ( Benaras or Varanasi).

The picture above and those that follow were taken at daybreak from the Terrace of this Ancient Palace which as you can see gives a wonderful overview of the City and the River Ganges.

Previous blogs titled  BLISS IN KASHI, DAYBREAK IN KASHI & INVOLUNTARY DIP IN KASHI would help you connect the dots

Source: BIRDS VIEW OF KASHI – Enchanted Forests

I Will Write A Love Song | Frank Solanki

I will write a love song

Though I don’t believe in love anymore

I will sing a love song

Just like I used to before

I believed love was sufficient

Can surpass any wall

Enough to live and die for

And that would be all[ more]

Source: I Will Write A Love Song | Frank Solanki

Jessica the reject

I call you friend!
I call you friend!

Jessica the reject

by Andrew Blair

Jessica , the reject, I found her on the garbage tip,
In a garbage bag, she smelled, did she,
I thought I’d found a skunk, I did.
At first I did not know t’was she,
Until I heard this whine..
My name is Jessica and I’m a reject!
Jessica, I said, now who are you?
And what is this tip to you? Said I.
It is my only home, said she, and I’ve been here so long.
A skunk, I am, a reject too,
I stink and no one wants me, they don’t!
My name is Jessica and I need love.
A reject cannot need love, I said, because even love rejects.
Love rejects the painful one, the one who will not
Suffer love to love and let it be.
Jessica, I said, I can love you even if on this tip you stay.
Yet all my love is wasted until you can love you!
But I/m a reject, she said, how can I love garbage.
So on this tip I’ll stay, she said, until the World loves me!
The World might love you, the sun might caress you,
Even the Moon, in gentle femaleness might kiss your face.
Yet until you love yourself, accept you as you are ,
Then even all of this will bind you as a miasma,
Of mist within your self rejected Self.
Come down from there! You Skunk, you dirty reject you.
Claim the love that self respect will give.
Walk tall upon this Earth.
Jessica Elizabeth Blair!
I call you woman,
I call you friend.
(C) 1998