Simoneteffect – Living Tree.

Living Tree.

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NOT IN A TWEETING MOOD! | Home of Lukas Kondraciuk Photography

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Home of Lukas Kondraciuk Photography

F/10.0, 1/400, ISO 400.

Tufted Titmouse

Why did the storm trooper buy an iphone?

He couldn’t find the Droid he was looking for.

Source: Through Open Lens | Home of Lukas Kondraciuk Photography

Out on a Limb – The Lens and I

Branch: divide into one or more subdivisions …

Growing in the tree and out of it at the same time.

A split personality.

Revealing its true self only in death.

Source: Out on a Limb – The Lens and I

More Tales – again

Danger on the road; The Mugs Game ; The Red Head.


Danger on the Road

by Jessica Blair

The road winds around the airport with trees on both sides
and a truck is approaching a curve in the road
but at the same time there are two cyclists overtaking the truck.
The cyclists are not looking where they are going
and do not see the motor bike coming the other way
while both rider and pillion passenger are not looking where they are going

A hiker waiting to cross the road waits until the truck has passed
then starts to cross the road
and although he sees the cyclists at the same time the truck driver does
there is nothing he can do. The truck driver slams on his brakes
but the truck is fully loaded so he sounds his horn
to attract the attention of the cyclists
startled the cyclists see each other they swerve
and the motor bike runs off the road and skids to a stop.

One pushbike rider falls to the road and is only just missed by the truck
but the other rider runs headlong into a tree and falls to the ground
then does not move.
Although the driver jumps out before the truck even stops
he races to the fallen rider who is unhurt
whilst the hiker gets to the boy who hit the tree but the he is only stunned.
the boys bike is wrecked so the truck driver gives him a lift home
and tells his mother to take him to a doctor just in case.

The mugs Game

As I walked in to the room, Norm was standing looking into the mirror,
” What are you looking at,” I said.
“I am looking at my magnificent body,” said Norm.
I looked at Norms fat stomach, “You need a wider mirror,” I said.

Norm pulled his shorts up under his stomach,
“I have this book on fitness so I will get fit,” said Norm.
Smiling off down the road Norm waddles whilst his stomach wobbles.
“Don’t I look sharp in my new jogging gear,” Norm said to himself.
With all the kids laughing behind his back,
“look there goes a walking earthquake,” one said.
“Lookout: or he will fall on you,” said another.

Round the corner Norm runs and seeing two ladies Norm said to himself
“I will impress them,” so Norm speeds up but not looking where he is going
and not seeing the dog held by one of the ladies
so Norm trips over the lead skinning his hand and knee
and also busting the elastic in his shorts.

“You stupid idiot, why don’t you look where you are going you clown
you nearly choked the poor dog,” yelled one of the ladies.
“I am shocked by your attitude to the poor man,” said the other lady
whilst helping Norm to his feet. “I feel so embarrassed,” said Norm.

Slowly Norm limps home while trying to hold his knee
and his shorts up at the same time.

“Of all the rotten luck; jogging is a mugs game and now its starting to rain,”
mumbled Norm to himself.

Back home, Norm throws the joggers and book into the tidy.

“Now my nose is starting to run and now I’m getting the flu,” Norm mumbles to himself.

The Red Head

2,000 Years B C, There lived a great wizard
who said: “Far into the future in a county far away
where there is an animal that hops in a place of hurling stones.”
He went on: “Under the signs of the bald eagle and the penguin
a daughter will be born and she will have the signs of sand
and fiery red hair when in her tenth year receive special powers.
She must be protected from the evil that will try to destroy her although,
in time, she will learn how to use her powers against evil.
She will have the power to do all types of magic to fight evil and perform miracles.