Bush fire sun over 1-32-34

On the 6th December – as the photo says, we took photos of the Bush Fire sun. Amber, weakish as it can be photographed quite safely. The later photos show an amber sky, earlier in the day the sun an amber orb peeking between trees.

Reaffirmaton of Vows -20 years on 21 Aug.2019

We organised this a few months ago, yet it really just came together at the nth hour. It had been intended to have music and books provided, that didn’t happen,The Bishop Peter J who ordained me said the final prayer for us.

See him folding his Stole at the left of the pew infront of Graham.

I have spent quite some time composing a post here on Jessica’s Blog which might appear later tonight or not.

The beginning of our 20 Year Reaffirmation of vows
Andrew taking his vows
Introduction to reaffirmaton of our vows Rev. Andrew Johnson Presiding.
Jessica takes her vows
We take eachothers hands
Andrew takes his vows
Mr and Mrs Andrew and Jessica Blair for the next 20 years
Jessica always leaves first in her chariot
Come on -you too, Mark took this one.
First of 4 photos taken by various friends to get everyone in.
Taken by Rev Andrew Johnson
Helen took this one
Well take a guess
About to negotiate the science of Cake Cutting
Noticing my ineptness

Myrle Came to the rescue

Independent Living Expo.


On the 8th Jessica and me went along to Olympic Park for the biennial Independent Living Exposition. Being held there and a journey fraught with stress for Jessica we hired our regular Accessible Cabbie and had a fairly nice journey both there and back.



There are many different types of wheelchairs depending upon the level of disability or desired use for the chair. There was everything from walkers and toddlers wheelchairs, through to 4 wheel independent suspension+4 motors for Farmers. We had stair climbers and standing chairs for golf, one shaped like a peddle car foe a child. Tricycles, Racing Bikes. Off road vehicles. Finally, very expensive vehicles adapted for wheelchair drivers.

In the first photograph Jessica is trying the controls of a vehicle, earlier she had dropped her age by 15 years and crossed gender again to trial the 4 wheel drive independent suspension demonstration track. Then when she let on that she was female they also had to allow women to trial the trail.

The display I found the most humorous was that of the skeleton demonstrating passive exercise, there are two photos of it in the gallery, one for arm and the other for legs. And a few stuffed bears and a doll found their way into the action.


. An unreal landscape. Just a single track road, its verges and, standing up on either side, the precipitous, abrupt lines of machine-cut trees – that are either columns along the nave of some vast, natural, outdoor cathedral or, equally fancifully, sombre beings – Ents perhaps! – standing obediently aside to let us pass […]


The Wonderful World of Crochet



I first started crocheting in 2013. My then boyfriend bought me a ‘knit your own’ Shaun the Sheep kit, which was very exciting despite the fact I’d never knitted in my life! I bou…[ ]

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Iceland’s Whooper Swans~ —

Whooper Swans are the Eurasian cousin of North American Trumpeter swans. They breed all over Iceland, and some overwinter in the thermally heated parts of Lake Myvatn. Interestingly, their North American Trumpeter Swan cousins do the same thing, spending winter in the thermally heated parts of the Yellowstone River. These beauties are aptly named as […]

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Part two of the lovely sunrise captured at Ocean Isle Beach.  This post includes a couple of monochrome compositions as well.  While the lovely color hues are a significant feature in the color compositions, the monochromes elevate the interesting patterns and textures of the clouds and tidal morning seascape.

Ocean Isle Beach Sunrise Seascape 4

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