Raising Crane: On The Farm- Uncle Tree



Sandhill Cranes in Grand Island, Nebraska Photographs by Uncle Tree April 12, 2018 ▼  (Click on any pic to gain a larger view)

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Palm Sunday and others

celtic international

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You Are Loved! — Erika Kind

Usually, when we are children we feel the love or our parents through their care, through them telling us bedtime stories, through them making sure we have all we need, through playing with us, and bringing smiles on our faces. The more we grow and discover the world outside of our protected island the more […]

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Birds of the Far South-1

Birds of the Far South

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There are lots of birdies in the southern hemisphere! They can fly where humans (and boats) flounder.

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晩秋夢想/late autumn daydreams

Another wonderful take by Takami Ibara,

usually, due to copyrite I post the header only, but this one was too beautiful an example – when you reach the page you will find many more.





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Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park flourishes after a fire that consumed 28% of its area



On November 4, 2017

On November 4, 2017, a red heart-shaped carpet was opened in the moonlight in a square in Cavalcante, Chapada Dos Veadeiros, by brigadistas, volunteers and community residents, honored with the help of the recent rains , helped fight the largest fire in the region’s history.

Representing those who were not there, a group of members of Ibama Prevfogo and volunteers were invited to meet in the great heart, to hear words of comfort and gratitude, in a tribute that began in the morning and extended to the night. The community, in a climate of fraternization, joined to offer music, yoga classes, acupuncture and other activities for those who fought to cease fire.

“We are celebrating the end of the drought, the beginning of the rains and the great work that was done here in Cavalcante, the first party honoring the Fire Brigade in the Chapada,” said Dr …

Source: Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park flourishes after a fire that consumed 28% of its area