Fractal Art infinity Slovenia

Anne Newman

One of the AnArt4Life Facebook Followers is an artist from Slovenia who creates with her mind and soul but through the medium of computer software.

Just a glimpse of Dance of the Waves

We hope you enjoy looking at these most stunning and inspirational works with infinite possibilities.

I will let Andreja Malovrh from Fractal Infinity ArtStudio tell you more about her art.

Andreja Malovrh

“There is a saying that every nice piece of work needs the right person in the right place at the right time” ~~ Benoit Mandelbrot

Through the trees

By Jem Croucher, Poets Corner

Evening sunshine through the trees
the Warren shaded now
but I still feel the sunshine
so warm upon my brow

It has been one of those balmy days
that only summer brings
and conjures up those feelings
that pull at old heart strings..(..)

Weekend sky #29-Aletta nowathome


For hammad Rais weekend sky 29

Weekend Sky Langebaan Sunset

Source: Weekend sky #29

Hammad Rais Weekend Sky challenges

Purpose in life

I thought about

A little boy carrying a baby buck in his hands. Such a friendly relation with strong bonding. 


job & career, family & friends,

earning more, get famous.

But what is the purpose of my life?(…)

This poem is a mirror image of purpose. Share your thoughts, so we can learn by exchanging our experiences.

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I bought Jessica a CAT mobile phone, for her upcoming birthday – you know, made by the company that makes caterpillars etc. It is a workers phone and has an infra-red camera. Here is some of the fun she’s been having.

So here is another entry for Hammad Rais Weekend Sky #25

Infra-red image of Andrew
Andrew- my temperature is only 34.5 C
Over Meagher Avenue South Maroubra
Over Meagher Avenue South Maroubra
32-34 New Orleans Crescent- Chez nous

Here is another contribution to Hammad Rais weekend sky 25

Redonda: The Caribbean island transformed into an eco haven

A report by Gemma Handy for the BBC. There are no resorts, no beaches, no amenities, and its contribution to the national GDP is practically zero. Yet the mile-long rocky isle of Redonda in the Caribbean Sea is deemed one of the most valuable spots in the region. Virtually untouched by humans for centuries, Antigua […]

Redonda: The Caribbean island transformed into an eco haven

मेरे शब्द/ My Words

एक एक अक्षर से
शब्द रचे जाते हैं
संवारे जाते हैं सजाये जाते हैं
फिर लिखे और बोले जाते हैं..

फिर भी कुछ शब्द
चुभते हैं बिगड़ते हैं
रूठते हैं गुस्साते हैं
रोते हैं रुलाते हैंमेरे-शब्द-my-words/

Noticias de hoy

Today I was reading these words that Paul wrote to Timothy and it gave me the feeling that instead of reading the Bible I was reading the newspaper of the day…..

Hoy estaba leyendo estas palabras que le escribió Pablo a Timoteo y me dio la sensación que en vez de leer la Biblia estaba leyendo el periódico del día. “La gente solo se amará a sí misma; serán amantes del dinero, fanfarrones, arrogantes, blasfemos, desobedientes a los padres, desagradecidos y desleales, no tendrán cariño natural, no estarán dispuestos a llegar a ningún acuerdo, serán calumniadores, no tendrán autocontrol, serán […]

Noticias de hoy

ठीक उसी तरह / In The Same Way

सागर किनारे बैठ,

कोशिश कर रहा था मैं

दूसरे किनारे को देखने की,

लेकिन देख नहीं पाता..

ठीक उसी तरह

जैसे नहीं देख पाती

एक आंख दूसरी को,

और वो मुझे..

ठीक उसी तरह / In The Same Way