Sacred Torch 3 October 2017

Variegated Leaves in Latitude 23

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Seeding the Dhamma in Denmark

Samahita Thera 17 July


Friends Seeding the Dhamma in Denmark Dhamma in Denmark

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Seeding the Dhamma in Denmark

Friendship is the Greatest!
Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ ]
Source -what the buddha said

Summer’s First Sunset — Uncle Tree’s House

Spring-like temperatures stole the show on this first day of Summer. The average temperature for June 21 is 86°, but the 68° we reached today is plainly ass-backwards. The Summertime Blues shall have to wait, since Spring came so unfashionably late. Photographs by Uncle Tree “Stay safe, folks!” Keith ▼

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Thought for June 21 — Cee’s Photography

Originally posted on Cee and Chris: See all my posters on Pinterest. Part of Becca’s Nurturing Thursday challenge. Hugs, Cee email: cee@cee-chris.com ? ?

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The fullness that precedes

The Fullness That Precedes it is not the moon but rain that attracts me to this place no faint light no shadow but the fullness that precedes its history that of magic from nothing to nothing by which one may discern perfection a cloud the solitary note of distraction Written in the 80s, “The Fullness […]

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