Feed, Feed The Starving Mouth | Frank Solanki

Feed, Feed The Starving Mouth

Feed, feed the starving mouth

Let him prosper and reign

Hunger does no good except

Bring a lot of pain

Make his wishes come true

Give him all he needs

All that you will reap tomorrow

Are but, today’s seeds





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Naked Ladies | The Life Project

No, I didn’t use this title so would look… but I guess you did.

Actually, that’s what these flowers are called. OK, technically, they are called Amaryllis belladonna, but I think the common name is easier to remember for some reason. They are very strange flowers because they have no leaves, just a stem that pops up in late July or early August, this year, the ones in my yard are in bloom now.

The thing is, I can’t see how they survive without leaves; even the stem is only alive for a short time. They popped up about two weeks ago, and began to bloom on Sunday. If past years are any indication, they will be done by next Sunday, and then the stem will dry up and break off, and I’ll forget we even have some in the yard… until next year.

Here’s a picture from the internet so you can get a better view…


(That was an interesting image search, but I did find what I was actually looking for eventually)

How does God make flowers that seem to defy what I learned about how plants live back in my school science class?

Even though I don’t get it, there they are every year, and every year I can only think that we have an amazing Creator!

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oh! the beautiful light and Monochrome Madness ‹ Reader — WordPress.com

Now is the time to unite the soul and the world. Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows. ~Rumi

Here is the sun at last on the island!  And of course I still have much to do in preparation for the move and I’m perpetually behind,  but in homage to the late afternoon here is

my offering to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness 3-15

and my lovely deck terrace. The evening light was amazing the other night. The geraniums sang electrified

I remember the old Kirkyard in Fort William as the sun went down and shadow ghosts crept backward from the stones

Rejoice in the Sun- Joan Baez – download but go to blog to play audio

 Take care of the Earth, it’s the only one we have

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I Said No (To Something I’d Been Looking Forward to) | Anonymously Autistic


Every time I publish a blog about being tough and pushing yourself, there are always comments complaining that I am not paying enough attention to self care.

Yes it is possible to practice self care while pushing yourself. I do it every single day.

In the morning, when my sensory issues bother me the most, it is hard for me to get out of bed but I PUSH myself to do it anyway because I know the pain is only temporary. I try to brush my teeth, because doing so is good for me, but if the sensation is too much to handle on any given day I will stop.

I like to touch my limits, but..[..]



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The Outsider | Writings By Ender


A Collection of Articles, Poems and Short Stories

Even the sweet peppermint and frothy eggnog of winter couldn’t wash away Derek’s bitter fall. It was disappointing the moment it started with a massive snowstorm. Derek despised snow; the way it impeded everyone’s life reminded him of nature’s cold indifference.

Derek took a walk around the block of his apartment building. He was smiling again, slightly, but still. Christmas might not have ditched the fall which was bitter and coarse like Turkish coffee, but the memories associated with it temporarily vanished in the holiday cheer. He walked along a sidewalk that ran parallel to the city park in which he usually relaxed. Today he wanted to walk passed it but stopped abruptly. Derek heard the distant echo from fall embodied by the sound of a trombone. He forced himself to listen, but straining made him taste the grit of coffee. It was then, as he was straining, that he recalled his disappointment.

He wanted to turn back immediately,

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the first steps of a thousand miles | T Ibara Photo


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