Little Bay to La Perouse Walk 14 03 2016

Little Bay to La Perouse Walk 14 03 2016

These are a selection of photos I took while out walking with Andrew, I got a good one of Bare Island where they have Markets once a month, unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

San Souci -11th March

Photographs taken on the 11th while out on respite with my Respite Worker. I decided to catch a cab that Friday and drive out to San Souci from where we walked around the coast back to Brighton Le sands.

It is about a 5km walk.

Seeing again.

On the 29th February I went with Jessica to the School of Optometry and Vision Science at UNSW so that she could participate in part II of a Masters or Doctorate thesis on the Urban Environment, specifically the Philosophy of Visual space with regards to future architecture to assist those with low vision.

Jessica had participated last year in a very arduous session determining the best environment in which the visually impaired might navigate the shopping Centre or other public spaces. Being legally blind this was a fair test but a very long one leaving her reluctant to continue again this year. The most important issue being the skewed results of a subject whose vision had moved from almost none to better than average in the space of a year.

Firstly here is the Binocular Humphrey’s Field Test

humphrys-bifocalfield 001 Large e-mail view

Apart from the upper right quadrant of her visual field Jessica has regained practically all she lost including her outer fields – the Bilateral hemianopia has healed.

I took these photos with my disability phone, its camera is not so good but they are not too bad. The Tutor and students recorded the session on tape and took photographs, participants were given various building exteriors and interiors to view and describe. Asked questions about what might be improved, colour charts were used by the students in their photographs, participants were asked to use logic to determine what might be around a corner or up a flight of stairs depending on the perceived visual clues.

Jessica received an UNSW refillable ball point pen for her participation.


Snow Fog in Black and White | The Day After

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Source: Snow Fog in Black and White | The Day After



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