I spent 7 hours in the Short Stay ward last evening,night. Usual complaint which took all that time to treat.

I was so weak and tired but determined to have my two hours Respite. You know ,a break from home….. you can see who muscled in.

I was more tired than I thought and spent my day in bed.

I had lost else had my wallet stolen last week and can’t prove who I am. Funny hey. Going to have a go at regaining my I. D. Card tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Lightly Child, Lightly — Live & Learn

“Thinking about daylight and artificial light I have to admit that daylight, the light on things, is so moving to me that I feel it almost as a spiritual quality. When the sun comes up in the morning – which I always find so marvelous, absolutely fantastic the way it comes back every morning – […]

Lightly Child, Lightly — Live & Learn

guatemala – microsoft windows

Guatemala Catholic church ( downloaded Encyclopedia Britannica. 2020. Encyclopedia Britannica | Britannica. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 29 January 2020].)

Guatemala – Microsoft windows