Vistit to Coal Loader 30th August 2016


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Here are a selection of photos Andrew and I took on our recent P&O cruise up and down the NSW Coast. We sailed on the Pacific Pearl. I contracted the novo virus and was confined to our stateroom for most of the cruise. Most photod were taken on the first two days and very few on Sunday morning. Many from the window as we looked out on the world. TV was good and room service fair.

Botanic Gardens 10th August

Short video of active snake-31st May 2016

Jessica had planned this outing for sometime because it involved obtaining a Cab charge voucher from her Old Age Care Package and for her Carer to have a long enough shift to do the whole day.

This is a very short video and you will find it is quickly followed by those posted by others.

Andrew -Sydney Hospital 2000

In the year 2000 Andrew had gone to Concord for his final surgery before complete transition. The doctor had thought she was doing him a favour by doing the surgery using a camera without opening him up.

In the process she nicked his bowel and but for the bowel surgeon in the Theatre next door might have been very much the worse for wear.

They admitted him for about 10 days and then sent him home. He continued to experience a lot of pain until a hernia popped out and they took him to Sydney hospital where they discovered that the bowel had not been properly repaired.

He spent another 10 days there.

He is wearing his Father’s watch and dressing gown which he inherited from his father not long before.